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Community Outreach

Since opening our doors in 2003, Signature Healthcare has grown deep roots in the Charlotte community.

Charlotte’s unique blend of small-town charm, big-city amenities, beautiful surroundings, and flourishing corporate landscape made it a perfect fit for Signature Healthcare. But it was the vibrant people and culture that resonated with us on a deeper level.

More than 20 years later, this thriving city has become more than just a place of practice.
Charlotte is our home.

Our commitment to Charlotte goes far beyond providing world-class healthcare to our members, which is why we volunteer extensively with local foundations and organizations. We believe in reaching out to all segments of Charlotte’s population, ensuring that our impact is expansive, inclusive, and meaningful.

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At Signature Healthcare, we see Charlotte as a living, breathing ecosystem. Just as we treat each of our patients as unique individuals, not as collections of isolated symptoms, we apply a holistic approach to our community involvement. We strive to enhance the overall well-being of Charlotte, knowing that the health and happiness of each individual contributes to the vitality of the whole.

Our philosophy extends beyond our practice’s walls — it’s about enriching lives, fostering happiness, and lifting the community as a whole.

Signature Healthcare is proud to work with these organizations on serving the greater community…

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The HeartBright Foundation

The HeartBright Foundation provides free education and clinical services for economically disadvantaged members of the community. Our physicians volunteer their time each week at the HeartBright clinic, seeing a full schedule of patients who otherwise could not afford care.

When our doctors are at the clinic, they treat patients for various heart-related issues such as high cholesterol, heart failure, and high blood pressure. The HeartBright Foundation provides an important service in our community, and we’re proud to support their mission through our physicians’ weekly rotations.

World Affairs Council of Charlotte

The World Affairs Council of Charlotte focuses on improving international education and participation in the national discussion on world affairs. This broadening of global perspectives is a key element for effective competition in the global economy and for responsible citizenship in an increasingly interdependent world.

While the WACC hosts a variety of programs and events, Signature Healthcare physicians are especially involved in its annual World Quest event — an academic competition that tests participants on their knowledge of current events, geography, history, and international policies. By supporting World Quest, our physicians aim to foster global thinking in our local community and expose both businesses and schools to leading perspectives on international topics.

World Affairs Council of Charlotte
Queens The Learning Society

The Learning Society

Queens University of Charlotte

The Learning Society of Queens University is a community-driven initiative in Charlotte that brings together community leaders and lifelong learners to foster intellectual discourse and enhance the intellectual climate of both the university and the broader Charlotte area. The Society hosts semiannual speaker events featuring prominent figures from various fields, including authors, journalists, scientists, and business and political leaders to expose attendees to cutting-edge ideas and perspectives.

Our physicians actively support The Learning Society’s mission by serving on the board and attending regular events. We enjoy the opportunities to expand our own knowledge and help educate others on topics led by globally influential minds.

Arts of Queens

Queens University of Charlotte

Arts at Queens offers a diverse range of visual, literary, and performing arts programming not only to students, but also to the local Charlotte community. Each year, Arts at Queens hosts a variety of events, including its Spotlight Series in which world-class performers and artists share their remarkable talents on stage and help enhance learning through master craft classes, Q&A sessions, and other inspirational experiences.

Signature Healthcare co-founder and physician Dr. Jordan Lipton serves on the board of the Arts program, while his wife, Dr. Siu Challons-Lipton, serves as Chair of the Art Department. Their shared passion for making the arts accessible to all continues to support Queens University of Charlotte’s community outreach efforts.

Arts of Queens conference stage
The Mint Museum of Charlotte

The Mint Museum of Charlotte

Founded in 1936, The Mint Museum is a prominent cultural institution and international art and design museum. The Mint holds one of the largest collections in the Southeast and seeks to continuously enhance lives and create a more empathetic world by ensuring access and engaging communities in a meaningful, lifelong relationship with art and design.

As an organization committed to the arts, Signature Healthcare is proud to support The Mint Museum through Dr. Lipton’s leadership on the board, where he helps shape the Museum’s direction and cultivate exhibits that can positively impact the Charlotte Community.

Charlotte Regional Business Alliance

The Charlotte Regional Business Alliance® is a not-for-profit organization owned and operated by its investors. They collaborate to promote and advance the Charlotte Region, creating opportunity, economic growth, and prosperity for all members of the community.

We’re proud to be an ally investor and active participant in making Charlotte one of the most vibrant, innovative, and economically healthy communities in the nation.

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