Iollo Metabolic Testing: Is Your Body Aging Faster Than It Should?

How old is your body? Do you think it’s the same as your chronological age? You may want to think again.

Your biological and metabolic age may be quite different from your actual age. In fact, your body may be aging faster than it should. A new test called Iollo tells you why — and offers pointers to get your body back on track biologically.

Knowledge Is Power

When it comes to your body, knowledge is power. Our patients are excited to understand their biological age and learn how to improve it using science.

Iollo is an at-home metabolomics test that tracks more than 600 biomarkers in a patient’s blood, then applies AI to calculate biologic age and to recommend specific dietary, behavioral, and therapeutic measures to optimize health and “slow” the aging process. The goal is a healthier body with an extended lifespan!

(Compare that to the older approach of testing telomere length, which indicated a body’s biological age… but didn’t tell us what to do about it.)

Here at Signature Healthcare, we work closely with Iollo co-founder Michael Snyder, PhD, the chair of genetics at Stanford University. Dr. Snyder’s work with Iollo emphasizes the importance of our metabolism and metabolic markers, which influence nearly every aspect of one’s health.

With the Iollo test kit, patients use a simple device at home (or in our office if preferred) to painlessly collect a few droplets of blood, then mail the blood sample to Iollo. In the Iollo lab, the test tracks and profiles 600+ metabolites across over 20 wellness categories.

It measures oxidative stress, inflammation, bone, heart, kidney, liver, brain, mitochondrial, hormonal, and muscle health, and many other factors beyond what’s possible in routine testing. Most importantly, it reports back with an actionable metabolic profile, guiding you toward better health.

In routine testing, physicians measure a much smaller number of a patient’s basic metabolic markers, such as endocrine, lipids, and glucose. But Iollo goes many steps further. By looking at markers for almost every organ and cellular system in the body, we can obtain a clearer picture of a patient’s biological age.

This can be significant for aging patients who start seeing health declines, but it is equally important for younger patients wishing to optimize their future health or “healthspan.” Iollo can inform them if, say, their heart is biologically older than it should be. It’s a true wellness test focused on simple lifestyle factors a patient can directly modify or change, often without prescription medication.

Dr. Snyder’s lab is truly “22nd-century” in its ability to let us access new approaches in clinical practice. Via AI, Iollo gathers the latest research and offers informed recommendations on how a patient and their physician can best address a health concern and optimize future wellness — perhaps eating more fruit and vegetables, decreasing alcohol consumption, getting better sleep, taking a particular supplement, or adding a new exercise program to your routine.

In our practice, 95% of patients who test with Iollo shift their lifestyle, improve their biomarkers, and, in turn, “slow” the aging process.

Reviewing Your Test Results

At Signature Healthcare, we can provide you with direct access to Iollo, or we can help you work with Iollo through your physician.

Because of our relationship with Dr. Snyder and Iollo, Iollo offers our patients a considerable discount on the test. One can access results easily via Iollo’s patient portal, and the results are also posted to our patients’ electronic health records.

You’ll see clear information about your biological age on a summary page. You can click through to any area — bone health, kidney health, digestive health — and find recommendations to optimize biomarkers (or one’s “metabolome”). An AI-based health coach can answer any questions you prefer to keep personal, and your Signature physician can also review the results in more detail if desired.

The aging and health reports are comprehensive 60–70-page documents. I focus on the aging report to keep things meaningful and simple, reviewing organ systems where metabolic markers seem too high or too low.

Quote: Iollo Metabolic Testing: Is Your Body Aging Faster Than It Should?

The most common areas where patients age too quickly are heart, kidney/digestive, and mental health. For example:

  • The heart health profile may advise eating more fruits and vegetables or reducing alcohol consumption.
  • The digestive health profile may indicate the need for more omega-3 foods, polyphenols, or fiber in the diet.
  • The mental health profile may examine sleep quality or areas that require physician assistance.

If a report shows that a patient’s aging is slower than expected, that calls for a hearty pat on the back!

Infographic: Iollo Metabolic Testing: Is Your Body Aging Faster Than It Should?

Before You Test

Before taking your Iollo test:

  • Keep a detailed log of your physical exertion and foods consumed in the past 24 hours. Ideally, record these factors for an average week as well. For instance, if you eat a single serving of vegetables daily, some markers will almost certainly be off.Many people don’t realize they should make these simple adjustments until they see actual test results. You may have heard you should eat more fiber to avert diverticulosis, but you may pay closer attention if you can also see how a lack of fiber accelerates your aging process!
  • Follow fasting instructions carefully, including drinking water only (no coffee or tea). Failing to fast for a full eight hours may skew your measurements.

Take the Test!

If you’re a Signature Healthcare member interested in discounted access to Iollo testing, request a test kit here. You can receive your test kit directly or pick it up at the Signature Healthcare office.

To get the most out of your Iollo reports, schedule time with your doctor to review your results. With Iollo, we’re excited to have rich personalized data that lets us truly support your health and improve your longevity.

Questions? Reach out. We have answers.

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Dr. Jordan Lipton

Dr. Jordan Lipton, a distinguished physician with dual board certification in emergency and ambulatory medicine, co-founded Signature Healthcare and is renowned for his contributions to medical literature and international lectures. Balancing his professional achievements with personal interests, he enjoys squash, skiing, art, and cooking, alongside his wife, Dr. Siu Challons-Lipton, and their two grown children.