Why We Treat Our Patients Like Family

What makes a concierge practice the right fit for you, the patient? Is it immediate access to a doctor? The trust you have in your physician?

Or, is it the way the practice makes you feel? For many Signature Healthcare patients, being treated as a member of the Signature family is at the top of their list.

Reliable access to a team you can trust is foundational. But when the practice makes you feel like family, those other key attributes have an even greater impact.

Creating an atmosphere of family is so essential to our practice that we include it as a core element of the Signature Healthcare mission statement:

“Our mission is to provide unparalleled and personalized executive and concierge medical services. Our doctors, nurses, and staff will listen to, care for, and advocate on behalf of our patients, and treat them like family.

We’re especially proud of this aspect of our mission. Treating others as we’d like to be treated is our golden rule.

Quote: Why We Treat Our Patients Like Family

A Culture of Family

Sadly, in the complex and busy healthcare industry, simple humanity often falls by the wayside. But here, we prioritize the human approach.

Our core values emphasize all the best and brightest facets of being a strong family:

  • Access
  • Time
  • Mutual Respect
  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Accountability

Family members appreciate each other. They put family first. They want the best for you and are genuine in their support. They show empathy and compassion.

With a familial mindset, we advocate for our patients’ best interests and ensure they receive the best available care, even outside our office. When we refer our patients to specialists, we work to avoid impersonal, fragmented healthcare: when a patient sees several different specialists and no one connects the dots for them.

Perhaps most importantly, we eliminate communication barriers between patients and the entire caregiving team — our doctors, nurses, and office staff. I ask that my patients call me by my first name. I encourage them to reach out to me at any time about any health-related concern.

Our patients are so comfortable here, in fact, that they often want to come by just for a cup of coffee and a chat. This is a culture that fosters successful, consistent, long-term relationships.

Infographic: Why We Treat Our Patients Like Family

Impact on Health

A family-oriented culture contributes to a more positive healthcare experience for our patients.

When patients feel part of the family, valued, and cared about, they have greater satisfaction, better outcomes, and a more encouraging overall patient experience. (Perhaps not surprisingly, so does the practice team! Caring deeply about patients makes our doctors, nurses, and front office team feel good, too.)

A comfortable and welcoming office environment can even bring a patient’s blood pressure to normal levels, so we get a more accurate reading than we might with a nervous or uncomfortable patient.

Our culture of transparency enables us to give our concierge members a clear view of their health and present any opportunities or challenges. Patients know they can reach us 24/7 with a question or issue and receive speedy care within 24 hours or less. They’re confident that small issues can be resolved quickly before they become bigger problems.

If your traditional primary care practice doesn’t make you feel like family, it may be time to consider other options. Consider finding a new practice if:

  • You have difficulty getting in touch with your doctor, or your questions or messages go unanswered.
  • You have trouble communicating with your doctor one-on-one.
  • You’re regularly uncomfortable interacting with members of the practice team.
  • Your doctor or practice team doesn’t treat you empathetically or compassionately.
  • You don’t trust that your health is in the right hands.

Healthy Longevity

Your health is your greatest asset. Quality of life, health, and longevity are worth pursuing, and feeling like part of your physician’s family will help you get there. Don’t settle for less.

At Signature Healthcare, we believe that — as a family — we thrive together. If you’re ready to get to know us, get in touch with our office in Charlotte. We’d love the opportunity to chat and find the right physician for you!

A headshot of Dr. Jordan Lipton, a physician at Signature Healthcare.

Dr. Jordan Lipton

Dr. Jordan Lipton, a distinguished physician with dual board certification in emergency and ambulatory medicine, co-founded Signature Healthcare and is renowned for his contributions to medical literature and international lectures. Balancing his professional achievements with personal interests, he enjoys squash, skiing, art, and cooking, alongside his wife, Dr. Siu Challons-Lipton, and their two grown children.

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